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The Black Circle RP Info Page

Name: Shiro Nightfang
Alias: Arin Tessivar
Age: 27
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 172lbs
Race: Tiefling
Gender: Male
Blood Type: AB-
Elemental Affinity: Shadow

-Status Info-
Force: The Black Circle
Rank: Weapons Master and Member of the Queen's Guard.
Class: Fighter/Dervish/Tempest
Honors and Sigils: None have been granted
Weapon Proficiencies: All Simple and Martial Weapons
Favored Weapon: A series of wickedly serrated scimitars and a collection of daggers

Eyes: Crystal Blue --Before the Turning--
Hair: Jet Black --Before the Turning--
Build: Average
Wearing: Black wool cloak magick cloak; Blackened Magick Mithral Chain Shirt under his clothing; over a cloth shirt; Several magick rings as detailed in his equipment section; and a custom weapon harness to hold his personal favorite weapons in his collection.
Description Summary: ----

-History & Personality-
Background: Ishale, Shiro's matron deity and greater devil took an interest in the natural talents of this peculiar tiefling as his inhuman power began to develope. Shiro had displayed a martial talent that had not been since the drow exile Drizzt; and earned himself the name Two-Blades; on account of his ability to wield two swords with near flawless precision, both against a single opponent or multiple foes; Ishale believed he would one day be a match for the legendary Drizzt so she took it upon herself to test; and 'tutor' Shiro in the ways of battle and war.

His final test in her service was to seek out an abandoned castle far from the known regions of Faerun and deal with the enemies of those he encountered there. Shiro began his journey; and either killed or converted anyone who crossed his path. He had few friends; but many soldiers by the time he reached the castle.

In the night; his troops were ambushed by an unseen and powerful force; which revealed itself after the battle to the defeated Shiro as the agents of the Black circle; a coven of powerful vampyres. The coven that Ishale sent him to find; had destroyed his pitiful army in under a night; and he was forced to serve them.

After facing several years of difficult trials; he presently is begining his final trial before the induction into the coven; at which point he will give to them a gift far greater than any sword forged by mortal hands. The latent power in his dark blood.

Personality: Shiro is a calm and centered individual; with a deep wisdom; and strong charisma; yet he doesn't carry himself as one who has lead an army normally would; and he a loyal individual; unlike many of his kind; and will do whatever it takes to please his mistress Ishale; and often takes a sadistic pleasure in the acts he takes to gain her favor..

Reputation: There are few who haven't heard of the seige of Raven's Rock; where the nameless warlord took the fort held by the Luskan Armada in only a single night; and not long after; the fall of Miribar to the same warlord. The name Shiro Nightfang had been a whisper in the wind before those battles; and his rise to power in the battles that followed earned him the title warlord. There are many who know his name; but few outside of his growing legion who know his face. This individual is known to all who walk the night; and those who dwell in the darkness of the infernal abyss. He is known as an utterly ruthless; and extremely cunning swordsman of great skill; a swordsman who carries with him five swords.

Likes: The torment and torture of Ishale's enemies; something he excels at. He also takes a rather sadistic enjoyment to the general suffering of those who stand aganst him; yet he would just as much enjoy putting a dagger in the back of his mistress' master.

Dislikes: Baalzebul; he despises his mistress's master nearly as much as he enjoys seeing the looks of pain and torment on the faces of her enemies.

Fears: He fears the wrath of his mistress, should he fail in his endeavors on her behalf; as she is his sponsor in the lower planes; and the one speaking on his behalf; his failure ruins more than just his reputation; it ruins her credibility and reputation.


-Abilities & Gear-

Weapons: All in Weapon Harness
+5 Flameburst Serrated Adamantine Scimitar of True Death
+5 Icy Burst Serrated Adamantine Scimitar of Stealth
+5 Ghost Touch Serrated Scimitar of Undead Bane
+5 Shadow Striking Serrated Scimitar of Celestial Bane
+5 Philosopher's Steel Serrated Scimitar

8 +2 Returning Daggers

Armor: +5 Infernal Mithral Chain Shirt of PlaneShift

Other Gear:
Cloak of Shadows +4
Gauntlets of Ogre power
Belt of Frost Giant Strength
Ring of Infernal Power
Ishale's Signet Ring


Spells and Magickal Abilities:
Racial Spells and abilities of a Tiefling with 12th HD Racial Feats -described seperatly-

Fighting Style:
Unarmed: --Tatics will be covered seperatly--
Armed: --Tatics will be covered seperatly--
Magick Tatics: --Tatics will be covered seperatly--


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