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The Black Circle RP Info Page

Name: Character Name
Alias: Character Alias or Nickname
Age: Character Age
Height: Character Height
Weight: Character Weight
Race: Character Race [type of creature; human, vamp, etc etc]
Gender: Character's Gender
Blood Type: Character's Blood-Type
Elemental Affinity: Character's Elemental Affinity

-Status Info-
Force: The Group your character belongs to
Rank: Rank or Position held within that group
Class: Character Class [Dungeons and Dragons Reference]
Honors and Sigils: Awards given by the leader of the group
Weapon Proficiencies: Weapons the character is skilled with using
Favored Weapon: Your Character's Preferred Weapons

Eyes: Eye Color
Hair: Hair Color
Build: Physical Build
Wearing: What is being worn by the character [if different from avatar]
Description Summary: ----

-History & Personality-
Background: Character's Background Information; 2 - 3 Paragraphs

Personality: Character's Personality Information 1-2 Paragraphs

Reputation: Character's Reputation; what they are known for and the like. 1-3 Paragraphs

Likes: Simple; give a list of the things your character likes

Dislikes: Simple; give a list of the things your character doesn't like

Fears: Describe your character's fears or weakenesses; Everyone has them.

Hobbies: Character's Hobbies and things he or she enjoys doing.

-Abilities & Gear-

Character's Carried Weapons; List all weapons here

Armor: Character's Armor; if any is worn is to be detailed here

Other Gear:
Anything else that the character is carrying or carries with them in their travels is to be detailes here

Spells and Magickal Abilities:
Any spells and their casting time and effects are to be detailed here.

Fighting Style:
Unarmed: How your character fights when not using one of their weapons or spells
Armed: How your character fights when using their favored weapon
Magick Tatics: How your character behaves when using magick

Companion: Your character's companion(s) or signifigant other

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© 2010 ShiroNightfang aka Mike. --This page details a general character profile for RP purposes and may be changed and used freely--